Monday, 5 May 2014

Cloud or Bulut

Cloud gathered in free air mass visibly. Water droplets ice crystals or a mixture of both comprising structure. Clouds are high from ground level. Consisting of a ground-level cloud layers are shallow fog is called.

Atmospheric water vapor that condenses and small water droplets usually 0.01 mm in diameter ice crystals form.Billions of cloud droplets and crystal structure called a combination form. Clouds reflect all visible wavelengths. It is usually white, but can also appear as gray or black. The cause of gray or black appearance, due to the thickness of the sunlight that they do not let it pass.


Clouds are designated by their appearance four major Latin origin and is derived from the words used adds :

Sirrus family: Cirrus in Latin the word "fold" or "curls" means. in the United names Sirro-shaped cirrus word sometimes used as a prefix: sirrostratüs etc.. Cirrus clouds in the family sometimes called "fibrous" or "horse tail" are defined as.

Cumulus family: Cumulus words in Latin "stack" means and is used to describe an accumulation of things. In the United names kümülo-shaped cumulus word sometimes used as a prefix: cumulonimbus etc..

Family Stratus Stratus in Latin the word "spread" means. In the United names Stratus word sometimes used as a prefix strato-form: Stratocumulus etc..

Nimbus family: Nimbus words in Latin "cloud" or " make "means. In the United names Nimbo-Stratus word sometimes used as a prefix in the form of: nimbostratus etc..Nimbus family "rain-bearing" are clouds.

They used except other prefix alto-Latin altus with "high" despite coming from the word found the name alto clouds are typically mid-level clouds.

Main Cloud/Bulut types

Clouds above the sea level heights based high, middle and low level clouds are divided into 3 main groups, including. Common classification is as follows:
High levels 5-13 km (16,500 to 42,500 ft)
Mid-level 2-7 miles (6,500 to 23,000 ft)
Low level 0-2 km (0-6500 ft)

Major ten cloud tipi vardır: sirrüs , sirrokümülüs , sirrostratüs , altokümülüs , altostratüs , nimbostratüs , stratokümülüs , stratüs ,kümülüs ve kümülonimbüs